Tambo Colorado And Hacienda San José

6 Hours

Prices per person from  US$. 85.00


06:00 hrs. Departure. Stop for breakfast (by the passenger) in a good oven.
9:40 Hrs. We will be coming to the archaeological center of Tambo Colorado. Tambo Colorado Archaeological Complex was an administrative center of the Incas (1450 AD.) Built during the reign of Inca Tupac Yupanqui to control conquered populations and the traffic Ricans saw. It is located on the right bank of the Pisco river valley in the province of the same name in Peru. The name given to the set due to the predominance of red in buildings. To reach Tambo Colorado take the Vía Los Libertadores pisqueño born in the district of San Clemente (about 270 kilometers south of Lima), moving east until kilometer 40 of the road into the Sierra de Huancavelica, passing before the towns of Independence and Humay, there are the ruins of Tambo Colorado, a rinconada formed by the hills nearby. 13:00 Hrs. Approx. we will arrive to La Casa Hacienda San Jose is located in the countryside, in the traditional district of El Carmen, 4 km from the Plaza de Armas and 15 km of Chincha. In addition, the estate is at kilometer 203 of the Panamericana Sur. The Casa Hacienda San Jose dating from the seventeenth century, devoted to sugar cane plantation was declared Cultural Heritage 70. With time and with the union of the Hacienda San Jose and the San Regis, they came to work on the farm over a thousand slaves. Expropriated and abandoned after independence, the finances were put into operation, and early twentieth century belonged to the family Leguia. Since 1913, exactly 100 years ago, it belongs to the family Cillón. In the 70s it was declared Cultural Heritage.

Cost: $ 85 Dollars.